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Eval11 Session 833: Assessing the Effects of a Collaborative Research Funding Scheme: An Approach Combining Meta-Evaluation and Evaluation Synthesis 

10-28-2011 11:23

The Swiss Innovation Agency CTI has administrated its collaborative research funding scheme since the early 1980s. Between 1989 and 2002 the scheme was evaluated 14 times. In a study combining meta-evaluation and evaluation synthesis, these evaluations were evaluated against selected evaluation standards of the Swiss Evaluation Society (http://www.seval.ch/en/standards/index.cfm). The meta-evaluation showed that the evaluations conducted were mostly qualitative, internal and ex post and that evaluation culture at CTI was selective. Only research institutes and firms that carried out a large number of CTI projects were evaluated regularly. Evaluations under study differed in quality, with most evaluation standards being fulfilled fairly to very well. The results of the meta-evaluation were central to the ensuing evaluation synthesis by giving information on the quality of the evaluations. The synthesis compiled the – mostly qualitative – results of the evaluations. There were strong indications that CTI funding does have a variety of effects.

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