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AEA 2013 Presentation Slides - Evaluating the Use of Evidence-Based Principles across the Social Ecology

the Use of Evidence-Based Principles...: The Center for the Study of Social Policy...Protective Factors Framework, a set of evidence...implementation of the principles at some level

AEA Panel - Evidence Based Principles_10.10.2013_eLibrary.pptx

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Evaluating with Validity by Ernest R House: Chapters 4-6

Copied with permission of the author

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Focus Search - of social institutions, as truth is of

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Eval12 Session 224: Evaluating College Access Programs in Engineering

"The Evolution of Responsive Education...Biorenewable Chemicals" 26th Annual Conference of...managed the evaluation of the NSF Engineering...longitudinal study of the CBiRC Research Experience

AEA 2012-10.23.12.pdf