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AEA 2013 Presentation Slides - Evaluating the Use of Evidence-Based Principles across the Social Ecology 

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Panel Presentation Title: Evaluating the Use of Evidence-Based Principles across the Social Ecology October 17th 8:00 a.m. Columbia Ballroom Section 1 Session Abstract: The Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP) offers the Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework, a set of evidence-based principles , to prevent child maltreatment. Currently over 35 states are active in the Strengthening Families National Network and more than 40 have statewide implementation of the principles at some level. Application of the framework varies widely across the social ecology, however, and operationalized definitions and measurement strategies continue to evolve. During this panel presentation, implications for single and multi-site evaluation of the implementation of evidence-based principles will be discussed. The presenters will use, as an example, the current round of four research and demonstration (R&D) projects funded by CSSP’s national Quality Improvement Center on Early Childhood (QIC-EC), through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Children’s Bureau.

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