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Community-Based Health Supports for Fishing Families: Innovative Design in Uncharted Waters. Ignite presentation from Eval16

This Ignite talk shares an example of the integration of program design and evaluation by a non-profit to reach an underserved population of fishing families in New England. The design of evaluation tools and integration of data into practice is also innovative and challenging, with implications...

biesecker AEA Ignite 2016 with narrative in notes.pptx

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From Problem to Prototype: Applying Design Thinking to Organizational Learning (Evaluation 2015, Session 1414)

Session 1414, Evaluation 2015: Design Thinking for Exemplary Evaluation: Three Examples of Design for Evaluation and Organizational Learning While the other presenters in the panel will describe the application of design thinking to program evaluation, this presentation will focus on a...


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Handout: The PAC-Involved Evaluation

One-page handout about Meaningful Evidence's evaluation of the Howard University PAC-Involved project, a STEM Education Topical Interest Group Exemplar Evaluation for the American Evaluation Association 2015 Conference (Chicago, November 2015). #SystemsinEvaluation #ProgramDesign ...

PAC-Involved Evaluation handout AEA2015.pdf

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A New Model for Engaging Under-Represented High School Students in STEM Using Popular Media and Technology: Lessons from the PAC-Involved Evaluation

Poster for AEA2015 To engage “Internet Generation” (born post-2000) students in STEM, we need new pedagogical models. For the PAC (Physics, Astronomy, and Cosmology)-Involved pilot project, we developed and tested an innovative learning model to engage under-represented high school students in...

poster new model.pdf

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Design Thinking: What Is It and Why Should Evaluators Care? (Evaluation 2014, Session 234)

Oct 17, 2014 (01:45 PM - 03:15 PM) Session Number: 234, Nonprofit and Foundations Track, Think Tank Rosanna Tran [California HealthCare Foundation] & Srik Gopal [FSG] Session Abstract: Evaluation and organizational learning efforts in nonprofit organizations and foundations are often...

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Three Keys to Fusing STEAM Education: Digital Multimedia, Design Tools, and Computer-based Adaptive Multimedia

Paper from the presentation about "Three Keys to Fusing STEAM Education: Digital Multimedia, Design Tools, and Computer-based Adaptive Multimedia" by Daniel Tillman, Song An, Meilan Zhang, and Rachel Boren. #designtools #digitalmultimedia #computerbasedadaptiveevaluation ...

AEA2014 Paper.docx