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2016 AEA New Approaches to the Design and Evaluation of Global Programs to End Modern Slavery: Establishing an Evidence Base and Understanding What Works

Three presentations to AEA 2016 Conference (Session ID: 2280) - New Approaches to the Design and Evaluation of Global Programs to End Modern Slavery: Establishing an Evidence Base and Understanding What Works #SocialImpact #Eval2016 #HumanRights #AEA2016Conference #FreetheSlaves ...

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Designed for Learning: Engaging Funders and Grantees in Pursuit of Meaningful Measures

In an environment that is crowded with generic organizational effectiveness assessment tools and frameworks, how can we design a rigorous learning and assessment system that reflects a funder’s values and resonates with both the foundation and its grantees? During this session, a program officer...

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Valuing What Matters: Using the Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology in international development programs

Social Return on Investment (SROI) is a methodology used to understand and assess the value of the social, economic and environmental outcomes created by an activity or an organization. SROI is centered on beneficiary engagement where project stakeholders identify outcomes and the relative...

SROI panel AEA Pact 29 Oct 2016 external.pdf

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Re-designing Funder Program Evaluation and Information Design in Support of Program Quality and Outcomes

The Children’s Trust invests over $100 million in services for children and families in Miami-Dade. Providers are selected through competitive solicitations, and performance is tracked regularly across 3-year cycles. This session will demonstrate how The Trust overhauled its contract performance...

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Evaluating Our Way to Smarter Organizations

This paper advocates for the creation of an overall evaluation plan— or “evaluation system” — for all nonprofit organization programs. Such an evaluation plan would aim to build the capacity of nonprofit organizations implementing social programs by enabling them to learn from their experience,...


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@WashEval: Facilitating Evaluation Collaboration for More Than 30 Years

Presented by Nick Hart, Washington Evaluators President-elect and David Bernstein, Washington Evaluators President. Founded in 1984 with an initial membership of 12 evaluators, the Washington Evaluators (WE) has since grown to include a professional and student membership base of more than 200...

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Innovative Ways to Represent a Theory of Change

This PowerPoint is from the session Sara Vaca and I presented at the AEA 2016 Conference entitled " Innovative Ways to Represent a Theory of Change." Please feel free to contact either of us by email (info provided on last page of slide deck) for purposes of discussion or attribution. ...

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Eval 2016: Mapping Sponsored Collaborations

Presentation from panel session entitled, Mapping Collaboration: Identifying Past, Present, and Future Partnerships. #Eval2016 #Collaboration #AEA2016Conference #CTSA #mapping

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