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Eval11 Session 601: A Formative Evaluation of the Dentists Fighting Nicotine Dependence (DFND) program to prevent adolescent tobacco use in Saudi Arabia

Theory-driven evaluation design is applied to assess whether a tobacco prevention program 'Dentists Fighting Nicotine Dependence' (DFND) program could affect the determinants such as students' attitude, subjective norm, knowledge and perceived behavioral control and whether those determinants...

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Eval11 Poster 103: Evaluating health communication materials with on-the-move audiences

Efforts to assess the effectiveness of T-HANs have ranged from formative evaluation through focus groups with international travelers and physicians who might see patients with recent international travel history to outcome research through a cross-sectional survey of travelers arriving from Haiti during the cholera outbreak

227860_McWhorter_AEA poster_Final.pdf