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Eval13: Panel Session 444 - Evaluation Rubrics: What, Why, and How

Presentation at AEA 2013 conference as part of the panel titled: "Evaluation rubrics: What, why, and how" with Jane Davidson, Monica Pinto and Michael Scriven. The panel was designed to help participants understand what evaluation rubrics methodology is, why it is so important, and some tips for applying it successfully

AEA'13 - Apres Thomaz 2013-10-18.pdf

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Eval11 Session 102: The Rubric Revolution: Evaluative blending of mixed method evidence

This 90-minute demo from Jane Davidson gives a whirlwind tour of the wonderful world of evaluative rubrics, as outlined in her textbook, Evaluation Methodology Basics: The nuts and bolts of sound evaluation (Sage, 2005), and as applied in many different ways all over the world. #evaluative #Rubrics #MixedMethodsEvaluation #EvaluationUse #utilization #nuts-and-bolts #Prek-12EducationalEvaluation #values #real-world #participatory #Questions #HowTo #Instruments #TheoriesofEvaluation #AssessmentinHigherEducation #Collaborative,ParticipatoryandEmpowermentEval #2011Conference #tools

AEA 2011 Rubric Revolution demo 90min.pdf

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Eval 2013, Poster #78: Plans, Approaches, Needs, Context, & Reality: Meta-Evaluation of a Portfolio of External Climate Education Projects Funded by NASA

The meta-evaluative rubric was based on key questions related to the Program Evaluation Standards of utility, feasibility, and accuracy; draws from prior meta-evaluation work; and considers the NICE context and the concerns of the environmental and STEM education evaluation communities