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Eval11 Session 483: Integrating feedback from distinctive perspectives for an evaluation of a statewide child care provider training on nutrition and physical activity regulations in Delaware

The purpose of this presentation was to disseminate evaluation findings from a multi-methods evaluation of increasing child care providers' knowledge around newly adopted nutrition and physical activity regulations for all licensed child care facilities in Delaware. Data come from focus groups of both providers and parents (whose children attend child care centers in Delaware); pre-, post-, and 60-day follow-up surveys administered to providers to see changes in knowledge of regulations, implementation of regulations, barriers and facilitators, etc

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Eval12 Session 789: Multi-Case Study Approach in Capacity Building Programs - Balancing Rigor and Confidentiality

An interesting example is the individualized technical assistance (TA) provided by First 5 Monterey County (F5MC) to support quality child care in centers serving low-income and high-need families. F5MC sought to understand how TA supports quality child care and capture lessons learned

Multi-Case Study with F5MC.pdf

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Process Improvement Techniques for Program Evaluation: Value Stream and Process Flow Mapping

Materials for skil-building session presented at 2013 AEA Conference in Washington DC. #bogatova #valuestream #lean #processflow #processimprovement #Instruments #miller

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Focus Search - Example 6.1 Government Welfare Agency Providing Subsidized Child Care- Only Waste.doc

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Cost Analysis 101

This was presented at Evaluation 2009 in Orlando. The goal of the demonstration was to prove evaluators with an overview of the factors that must be considered when designing a cost-analysis. Cost analysis is much more complex than most evaluators recognize. This session was design to let...

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884 - Evaluative Tools for Articulating & Monitoring Foundation Strategy

Foundation strategy as defined by the Center for Effective Philanthropy is “a framework for decision making that is focused on the external context in which the foundation works and includes a hypothesized causal connection between use of foundation resources and goal achievement.” The...

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Eval12 Session 583: Developing Indicators for Environmental and Policy Change Initiatives

Session 583: Developing Indicators for Environmental and Policy Change Initiatives Presentation #1: Method and Process of Identifying Indicators of Obesity for the Community Transformation Grants Context Scan by Reid Hogan-Yarbro, Catherine Lesesne, and Robin Soler Presentation #2: Developing...

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Sample RPT Questions

There are RPT items on this questionnaire that was designed to evaluate a training program. #Instruments #RPT #IndependentConsulting

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