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The Never Ending Quest for Balance: Graduate Students’ Professional Development Experiences

In an era of rising accountability, retention rates of graduate programs have come under scrutiny and student affairs professionals are being asked to help graduate students at increasing rates. In particular, Graduate Higher Education has done little to assess and understand graduate students' needs and experiences beyond the classroom. We conducted a formative needs assessment using multiple data collection tools and methods to better understand our graduate students, their needs and experiences at a public Carnegie classified Doctoral/Research University in the Rocky Mountain Region and to inform the development of a program we have created called Graduate Student Professional Development


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Designing Careers in Evaluation and Preparing Evaluation Students and New Evaluators for the Profession

This panel explored the approaches used by U.S. universities to train graduate students in evaluation, and transition strategies to help students/new evaluators design their careers

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Eval12 Poster 32: iBioSketch - Track, Share, Compare: Evaluating Science Training Programs Using a Web-Based Career Tracking System

This poster, presented at the 2012 AEA Conference, provides an overview of the iBioSketch tool. iBioSketch is a customizable web application that tracks career progress for undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows in the biomedical sciences

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Transformative Mixed Methods Evaluations Handout from SI10

Donna Mertens is a Past President of the American Evaluation Association who teaches evaluation methods and program evaluation to deaf and hearing graduate students at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C

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SI11 Session 17: Transformative Mixed Methods Evaluations

Donna Mertens is a Past President of the American Evaluation Association, conducts national and international evaluations, and teaches program evaluation to graduate students at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC

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Eval12 Session 326: Top 10 Benefits of Connecting With Your AEA Affiliate [Recording]

This Ignite presentation highlighted how I built relationships with two AEA affiliates, the Eastern Evaluation Research Society and the Washington Evaluators, by volunteering over the past two years. After sharing examples of my responsibilities each affiliate, I shared the top 10 ways that...

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Developing Evaluator Competencies in the "Real World": A Student's Perspective

The University of Minnesota's Evaluation Studies program has always stressed the importance of gaining real-world evaluation experience. At the Minnesota Evaluation Studies Institute (MESI), students are not only given the mandate of internships/field experiences, but the assistance, support,...

AEA 2013 MESI Murphy Presentation.pdf