Youth Focused Evaluation


A Topical Interest Group for Evaluation About Youth, for Youth, and with Youth

The purpose of the Youth Focused Evaluation TIG is to create an inclusive and participatory space for all evaluators (both adult and youth) that focuses attention on the practices and outcomes of positive youth development, and participation in a wide array of informal and formal contexts. The YFE-TIG speaks to the unique needs of youth and adult evaluators by promoting the development and use of tools and methods leading to practical and transformative outcomes for young people.

The YFE-TIG supports youth and adult researchers and evaluators to build best practices and methods related to:

  • Research
  • Enhanced program quality

  • Youth/adult professional development, participation and voice,

  • Improved measurement

  • Research ethics education

  • Youth participation in the AEA and YFE TIG, and

  • Co-creation of a knowledge exchange (online) community

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Great seeing you in Cleveland, OH for Evaluation 2018!

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The Youth Focused Evaluation TIG was very excited for this year's TIG sponsored conference program, which included 19 sessions, 4 posters, and 5 Birds of a Feather.  See below for a listing of these sessions and gatherings.

1576:Innovative Ways of Welcoming Youth to Speak Their Truth in Evaluations 

1498:Association Between Career Expo Interactive Experience and Student Outcomes

1227:Building skills for camp and summer learning program evaluations

1205:Evaluating A Youth Health Education Program: An Overview of the CHAMPIONS NETWork 2017 Summer Program

2850:The power of M&E in Democratic Transition

2489:Speaking their Truth: Learning from Youth Evaluation Efforts in Communities 

1606:How Do We Connect? The Importance of Strength of Match in Determining Mentoring Program Effectiveness

1864:Amplifying Youth Voice

2035:Empowering Young People to Create Community Change: Assessing the Role of Adult Allies

2154:Measuring resilience as youth power

1916:Strategies for Facilitating Youth-Engaged Evaluation in Organizations

2848:Youth Focused Evaluation Topical Interest Group Site Visit

YFE1:Evaluating Youth Development

2339:Moving the Needle on Program Quality: Positioning External Evaluation to Support Continuous Quality Improvement in Programs for Children and Youth 

1890:Youths Speaking Truth to Power in Nigeria, Chicago, California, and Hawaii: Contexts for Empowerment and Culturally Responsive Evaluation

2237:Partnering in the Design, Interpretation and Reporting of a STEM Youth Program Evaluation while Maintaining Rigor, Independence, and Utilization

TIGBM59:Youth Focused Evaluation TIG Business Meeting

YFE3:Youth Speaking Truth To Power

2176:Youth Speak to Power: How focus groups inform statewide and national health initiatives

1278:Children speaking truth to adults: ethics and participation

YFE2:Innovative Methods in Youth Focused Evaluation

2088:Not an afterthought – engaging youth throughout an evaluation

1620:Giving power and voice to minors within evaluation: Long and short-term strategies with adolescent evaluators

2414:Harnessing the power of youth: forging allies in better development

1434:Assessing Program Quality in Community-Based Youth Programs

1801:Continuous Quality Improvement Toolkit for Out-of-School Time Professionals

2468:What Happens When Youth Are Empowered To Speak Their Truth(s)? Youth Participatory Evaluation in a Public School System

1825:Strategies to Overcome Practical Limitations for Youth Participatory Evaluation

1658:Elevating Youth Voice Through Evaluation