Youth Focused Evaluation

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A Topical Interest Group for Evaluation About Youth, for Youth, and with Youth

The purpose of the Youth Focused Evaluation TIG is to create an inclusive and participatory space for all evaluators (both adult and youth) that focuses attention on the practices and outcomes of positive youth development, and participation in a wide array of informal and formal contexts. The YFE-TIG speaks to the unique needs of youth and adult evaluators by promoting the development and use of tools and methods leading to practical and transformative outcomes for young people.

The YFE-TIG supports youth and adult researchers and evaluators to build best practices and methods related to:

  • Research
  • Enhanced program quality

  • Youth/adult professional development, participation and voice,

  • Improved measurement

  • Research ethics education

  • Youth participation in the AEA and YFE TIG, and

  • Co-creation of a knowledge exchange (online) community

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Check out the list below YFE TIG-sponsored sessions at AEA 2019

2230:Measuring Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for Youth Learners: Which Assessment Approach is Best?

2912:Shifting Locations of Power: Youth Voice, Leadership and Skill Building in CBPR Projects

1365:Climbing Hart's ladder of participation: A sampling of methods for engaging youth in evaluation

1401:Connected Youth Initiative: A Collaborative Evaluation Study of Well-Being in Rural Nebraska

2628:Evaluating alternative education models to reach out-of-school children

1944:Fostering Healthy Habits for Youth and their Adult Mentors in a Community-Based Mentoring Program

3017:Multi-Level Participatory Evaluations: Local Examples of Young People Leading Evaluation and Research in their Communities

1680:Setting a Positive Youth Development Learning Agenda: Using a Learning Agenda to Mobilize a Global Community

1063:The Future of Youth Program Evaluation: Tools for Linking Program Quality with Youth Outcomes

1524:The Role of Monitoring and Evaluation in Young Girl Leadership Development: A Case of 200 young girls in the Sagnurigu and Nanumba districts in Ghana.

2613:Youth-focused evaluation to promote positive sexual health development in culturally-specific programs

1731:Advancing Equitable Development for Youth: Making New Tools for Both Program and Evaluation

2826:Camp as Developmental Context for Specialized Youth Populations: Telling the Evaluation Stories of Three Camps

2665:Engaging Opportunity Youth in Evaluation

1984:From respondents to evaluation practitioners: Engaging youth leaders as a path to renewing the field

1212:Evaluating Data Collection Systems for Youth Programs

2032:Kids Say the Darndest Things: Challenges in Designing and Administering Surveys for Youth

1065:Reflexivity and Ethics of Practice in Youth-Focused Evaluation

1629:Training Youth Researchers from a Global Perspective

2041:Walking the tightrope of data collection: How and how much should we engage youth?

1580:YPAR: Let's Learn and Connect!

YFE2:Youth voice in YFE

YFE3:Real World YFE: Implementation Challenges & Opportunities

YFE1:Participatory YFE Methods

1921:Teen Opinions Count: Engaging Youth Voice Through Group Concept Mapping

2238:Youth Perspectives on Evaluation: Youth Participatory Evaluation in Minneapolis Public Schools

TIGBM60:Youth Focused Evaluation TIG Business Meeting

1963:Youth at the Center at Every Step—From Design to Interpreting and Reporting Results

2644:Lessons learned evaluating a program that seeks the labor inclusion of vulnerable young people in contexts of social violence

1137:Principles + Principles = More Empowered Youth: Using Principles-Focused Evaluation and/or Principles for Collaborative Approaches to Evaluation when Involving Youth in Program Evaluation

YFE4:YFE in global context