Bi-Monthly Call Minutes and Presentations

Bi-Monthly Call Minutes and Presentations

June 2017
Presentation: Innovations in Food Environment Natural Experiment Evaluation; PowerPoint slides 
 (Darcy Freedman and Morgan Taggart)

April 2017

PresentationExploring Drivers of Scientific Collaboration (Doug Luke and Bobbi Carothers)

February 2017 Minutes 

January 2017 Minutes - Special call for Cross-TIG panels

October 2016 Minutes

August 2016  Minutes
Presentation: Using Bibliometric Data for Translational Research Evaluation 
(Kristi Holmes)

June 2016 Minutes

April 2016  Minutes
Presentation: Retrospective Case Studies of Translational Research (Bill Trochim)

Feb 2016  Minutes

Feb 2015   Minutes
Presentation: Understanding Evidence- CDCs Tool to Support Evidence Based Decision Making.pdf 
(Sally Thigpen & Natalie Wilkins)
Other Presentation Resources: 

       - CDC's Understanding Evidence Web Tool:
       - Overview of the Framework for Thinking about Evidence:
       - Guide to the Continuum of Evidence of Effectiveness:

Dec 2014  Minutes
Presentation: Planning and Executing an Evaluation Retreat (Clara Pelfrey)