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This website will be the primary means of ongoing communication among TIG members. It functions as both a web interface and like a traditional e-mail based listserv. You can set how frequently you would like e-Group messages to be sent to your e-mail (real time, daily archive, etc.), you can respond from your e-mail, and so on. We’ll use this e-Group to send updates about the TIG, discuss potential projects, share thoughts about how to evaluate translational research, and more. Please make sure you join this group. The process only takes a few seconds and it will be your line of communications to our group.

1) Go to the AEA homepage (www.eval.org) and log in 
2) Make sure you have joined the TRE TIG (you can do this by selecting the Members Only tab and clicking on Update TIG Selections)

3) Select the Our Community tab
4) Click on Groups, Forums Subscriptions
5) Click on Communities, All Communities
6) In the "20 per page" dropdown box, select "All"

7) Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the Translational Research Evaluation eGroup and click on "Join" (recommend "Real Time" option for receiving messages)




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