About the Repository

A coalition of partners (including ORAU, the American Evaluation Association's STEM Topical Interest Group, and the Google- and NCWIT-originated CS Impact Network) are building a suite of resources, and a community of practice, to address critical needs in the evaluation of STEM education and workforce development initiatives.

A central feature of our efforts is an ever-expanding online repository of STEM evaluation resources. This searchable database includes a broad range of resources, such as high-quality instruments, surveys and protocols for conducting STEM program evaluation.

Our efforts are based on an inclusive, broad, and open definition of STEM education and of evaluation within that field. Any contribution is welcome that is related to any field of evaluating education, training and workforce development in science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics. We define STEM as broadly as possible to encompass computer science, social sciences, health, applied mathematics and sciences, and more. We include educational contexts ranging from integrative STEM education through an interdisciplinary lens, to STEAM (STEM + arts), to efforts focused completely on a sub-field within STEM. We're open to STEM education initiatives in various settings, from medical education to STEM museum learning to computer science/coding activities for youth.

Please explore the repository pages to access resources or to add a resource to the repository, and please consider volunteering to "adopt" the repository for a month to assist the STEM TIG in a sustainable crowdsourcing effort.