Welcome to the STEM Education and Training TIG

2018 Conference Information

Thank you for your membership in our growing TIG! We look forward to seeing you, and learning from one another, in Cleveland.

The STEM Education and Training TIG invites you to get involved in several other special opportunities surrounding the conference and to look for calls for proposals for the 2019 conference in early 2019.

Mark Your Calendars - TIG Events at Eval 2018

To promote our membership's sessions, the TIG leadership team has assembled a program outlining all sessions in our track at the conference. Click here to access the program.

STEM TIG Business Meeting and Reception

Join us to meet other members of the TIG, learn about opportunities to become involved, and see what the STEM TIG has to offer evaluators within AEA. Whether this is your first visit or you've been a long-term member, we look forward to meeting you!

The Business Meeting takes place on Thursday, November 1 from 6:00 PM – 6:45 PM at the Hilton - Hope Ballroom C. Immediately following, the TIG Reception will be held from 6:45 PM – 7:30 PM at the Convention Center Exhibit Level Foyer 10–15. Network with the STEM TIG and with other TIGs that are part of our joint reception (group 3).

TIG Leadership Team Nominations

We will be taking nominations for the following positions at this year's business meeting: Incoming Chair, Incoming Program Chair, and Incoming Webmaster. Find out more about these positions by reading our descriptions, or come speak to us at Eval 2018. Nominate yourself or someone else who you think might be a great fit for the STEM TIG Leadership Team.

We’re actively seeking members for the TIG Leadership Team in the following positions: 

  • Incoming TIG Chair
  • Incoming Program Chair
  • Incoming Webmaster
  • Member at Large/Special Projects

 Each member on the Leadership Team serves a two-year term, one year as Incoming and one year as Lead. The term is the calendar year. You are welcome to be a Member at Large at your convenience - there are no set term limits for Member at Large. In fact, we hope you will be part of our Leadership Team forever!

Informal TIG Gatherings
Meet up with STEM TIG members for a short walk to snacks/dinner on the following days:
  1. Wednesday at 8 PM in Convention Center Room 19
  2. Thursday at 7:30 PM at the reception in Foyer 10-15 
  3. Friday at 7 PM in Convention Center Room 19

Contact Kim Kelly (310-341-9332) and/or Ann Martin (607-221-2540) on the day of the event you're interested in joining for location details. 

Connect with Us!

STEM evaluators can find all of this information and further details about our community of practice or contact the leadership team on our website: http://comm.eval.org/STEMEducationandTraining/home

Connect with other members of the TIG on our LinkedIn community: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/4704674

and, of course, join AEA and the STEM Education and Training TIG on the Association’s website: http://www.eval.org/p/cm/ld/fid=15

By joining the STEM Education and Training TIG, you ensure that your issues and interests as a STEM evaluator are represented in the annual evaluation conference as well as in the field of evaluation. It is also a great opportunity to connect with a growing community of practitioners devoted to learning from and sharing with one another.

To receive updates from the TIG as a non-member, sign up for our e-list.



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