Annual Conference

AEA Annual Conference

AEA's Annual Conference brings together evaluators from around the country and around the world for professional sharing. Each year, the presiding AEA President identifies a theme for the conference plenaries and highlight strand woven throughout the event.

As part of the Annual Conference, the STEM TIG hosts a Business Meeting to highlight ways to advance the field and coordinate on-going communication and professional development activities.

2022 Annual Conference

  • Theme: "(re)shaping evaluation together"
  • November 7-12
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • TIG Program Co-chairs: Angelicque Tucker-Blackmon, Asia Williams, and Tom Withee
  • Conference theme description: In 2022, the year of the Tiger, you are invited to bring your unique evaluation skills, competencies, and perspectives to (re) Shaping Evaluation Together.  For this conference, we seek to create a space to explore three significant shifts that are disrupting evaluation practice, and that will influence how our field theorizes and applies evaluation to evidence-informed decision making: 1) Equity, social justice, and decolonization; 2) New funders and social finance; and 3) Digital data and technology.
  • Join us during the conference or following the conference for our STEM TIG Business Meeting on November 17. See the flyer below for more information. We look forward to seeing you!

2021 Eval21 Reimagined: A Virtual Experience

2020 Eval20 Reimagined: A Virtual Experience

2019 Annual Conference

  • Theme: "Paths to the Future of Evaluation: Contribution, Leadership, and Renewal"
  • November 11-16
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota

2018 Annual Conference

  • Theme: "Speaking Truth to Power"
  • October 29-November 3
  • Cleveland, Ohio

2017 Annual Conference

  • Theme: "From Learning to Action"
  • November 6-11
  • Washington, DC

2016 Annual Conference

  • Theme: "Evaluation + Design"
  • October 24-29
  • Atlanta, Georgia

2015 Annual Conference

  • Theme: "Exemplary Evaluations in a Multicultural World: Learning from Evaluation's Successes Around the Globe"
  • November 9-14
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • STEM TIG Call for Proposals

2014 Annual Conference

  • Theme: "Visionary Evaluation for a Sustainable, Equitable Future"
  • October 13-19
  • Denver, Colorado
  • STEM TIG Sessions

2013 Annual Conference

  • Theme: "The State of Evaluation in the 21st Century"
  • October 14-19
  • Washington, DC
  • STEM TIG Sessions