Past SNA Presentations

Running List of Prior AEA SNA Presentations

2013 Presentations

 AEA Coffee Break Webinar

John Burrett, Haiku Analytics Inc

Social network analysis - network metrics & mapping causal-dynamic data


2012 Presentations

Session Title and Papers



Measuring Influence and Collaboration with Social Network Analysis

Chair: Patricia Noonan

Citation Network Analysis: Applying Social Network Analysis to Evaluate Scholarly Communities 
Yonjoo Cho, Indiana University
Sunyoung Park, Indiana University 
Expanding Social Networking to Analyze Multiple Levels of Collaboration
Patricia Noonan, Amy Gaumer Erickson, University of Kansas 
Evaluating National Science Foundation’s Math and Science Partnership-Start Program Using Survey Data and 2-Mode Social Network Analysis


Michael Steketee, Molly Hershey-Arista, Gary Silverstein, 
Joy Frechtling, Westat 

A Demonstration on the NetDraw Visualization Program for Creating Sociograms

Maryann Durland, Durland Consulting

The Use of ORA and Automap in Social Network Analysis

Kimberly Fredericks, The Sage Colleges

Evaluation Through the Lens of Social Network Analysis

Chair: Kimberly Fredericks, The Sage Colleges 

Understanding the Evaluation Field as a Complex Network of Professionals, Relations And Influences
 Martina Rillo Otero, Madelene Barboza, Instituto Fonte Para o Desenvolvimento Social 
Antonio Bara Bresolin, Itaú Social Foundation
Social Network Analysis: The Devil is in the Details
 Kimberly Fredericks, Kathleen Kelly, Sonya Hauser,The Sage Colleges 
Joanne Carman, University of North Carolina, Charlotte 
Privacy in an Age of Social Networks: How Can We As Evaluators Balance the Value of Social Network Data with Respect for Privacy of Individual Information?  Stacey Friedman, Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education & Research 
Irina Agoulnik, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Social Network Analysis (SNA) Topical Interest Group Business Meeting and Think Tank: SNA in Evaluation - Lessons Learned and Future Directions
 Maryann Durland, Durland Consulting 
 Stacey Friedman, Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education & Research 
Irina Agoulnik, Brigham and Women's Hospital 
Todd Honeycutt, Mathematica Policy Research 

2011 Presentations


Session Title


Using Social Network Analysis to Understand and Enhance Collaboration in Community Coalitions and Inter-Agency Initiatives

David Merves, Evergreen Evaluation & Consulting

Jan Vanslyke, JVS Evaluation Inc


James Frasier, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Jeni Cross, Colorado State University

Assessing Coalition Building and Relationships Through Social Network Analysis

Todd Honeycutt, Mathematica Policy Research

Social Network Analysis TIG Business Meeting and Presentation: The Application of Multiple Measures in SNA Evaluations

Maryann Durland, Durland Consulting

From Survey Data to Network Mapping and Beyond: Describing Inter-Organizational Coordination and Collaboration Networks

Gary Resnick, Michelle Magee, Sae Lee, Raul Martinez, Harder+Company Community Research Community Research

Weaving Networks, Weaving Change: Practical Uses and Experiences of Inter-Organizational Network Analysis Findings

Chair: Raul Martinez,Harder+Company Community Research  

Change Over Time in Networks of Care Providers in Monterey County and Interpretations of Systems Change (presentation)
David Dobrowski, First 5 Monterey County 
Raul Martinez, Harder+Company Community Research 

Measuring Inter-Agency Collaboration and Coordination in First 5 Fresno County: Experiences of Evaluators and Stakeholders in Understanding Systems Change Over Time (presentation)
Gary Resnick,  Harder+Company Community Research  
Olivia Arnold, First 5 Fresno County 

Social Network Analysis as a Tool for Engaging Communities in the Assessment of Inter-Organizational Collaboration (presentation)
 Sae Lee, Harder+Company Community Research 

Social Network Analysis in Education: Evaluation of Impact, Growth and Collaboration

Ashley T Brenner, Jason Gallo, Asha Balakrishnan, Gina Walejko, Mario Nuez, Vanessa Pena, Stephanie Shipp, IDA Science & Technology Policy Institute


Roberta Spalter-Roth, Jean Shin, Olga Mayorova - American Sociological Association


Rebecca Woodland, Shannon Barry, Katrina Crotts, University of Massachusetts, Amherst