Social Network Analysis TIG

Welcome to the Social Network Analysis (SNA) TIG

In the network below, you can
  • move the network below around by selecting any area except the circles (called nodes);
  • make it bigger or smaller by selecting a region near the network and scrolling up or down;
  • stretch it by selecting a node in the network and pulling;
  • hover over any node to get a better idea of what each is;
  • click on any node and another webpage will open up that is related to the label.
To scroll further down the page, select the area near the edge of your browser and then scroll.
Over the next year, there will be SNA information added weekly so please come back often.

All graphics on the website were created using Python and R
. You can do this and many other wonderful networking visualizations too and the best thing is, it doesn't cost you one penny to learn. Check back soon on our site to get started.