The Leaders

Who is Who and What is What?

The Chair:
Maryann Durland, Ph.D.
The Co-Chair:
Rebecca Woodland, Ph.D.
The Co-Chair:
Sophia Guevara
Owner of Durland Consulting;
Adjunct Faculty,
Division of Business and Entrepreneurship,
Davis & Elkins College
Associate Professor,
Department of Educational Policy, Research & Administration,
College of Education
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Durland Consulting Logo UMASS Amherst Logo
Picture of Maryann Durland Picture of Dr. Rebecca Woodland Picture of Sophia Guevara

The Program Chair:
Gregory Phillips II, Ph.D.
The Program Co-Chair:
Abhik Roy, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor,
Departments of Medical Social Sciences and Preventive Medicine,
Feinberg School of Medicine,
Northwestern University
Assistant Professor,
Educational Psychology,
Department of Learning Sciences and Human Development,
College of Education and Human Services,
West Virginia University
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Picture of Dr. Gregory Phillips II Picture of Dr. Abhik Roy