Welcome to the Educational Evaluation TIG Web page. 
Below you will see our mission statement along with current announcements that are relevant to the TIG.

Mission - Our mission is to raise the quality of education evaluation by serving the professional needs of PreK-12 education evaluators. [Read More]

Social Media updates:
  Our community page is https://www.facebook.com/Prek12EdEval - however, we have migrated our conversations to our GROUP page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/907201272663363/ .  Please come "join" our group as we would like to use Facebook as a supplement to our website and as a place where we can communicate with each other, share ideas and resources, and just get to know others with similar interests.  Currently on the page are links to our AEA365 posts, as well as news articles related to the three most popular topics identified by the TIG from our survey: teacher evaluations; educating the whole child; and evidence-based evaluation.  Anyone who visits the page is welcome to post and share other links and resources with the group. 

Twitter: We are "tweeting" with user name PreK-12 Ed. Eval follow us @PK12EvalTIG https://twitter.com/PK12EvalTIG

LinkedIn: Search for us on LinkedIn PreK-12 Educational Evaluation TIG This is a member "members only" group so please send a request to join in order to see the content.

TIG Email. 
We now have a Gmail account, which can be used as a general contact for all of the TIG leadership team.  Please add PreK12.Ed.Eval.TIG@gmail.com to your address books!

Leadership Structure
Read more about the TIG Leadership Structure

Leadership Goals:

  • Leverage our expanded network of Members-at-Large to improve our sensitivity to the needs of our members as they provide us with requests for information.
  • Continue to collaborate with others with similar evaluation interests, including work on mutual capacity building.
  • Continue to build our reach, both in-person and online (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, aea365, personal blogs, etc.)
  • Plan on sponsoring/leading Thought Leaders weeks on topics of interests of our members.
  • Continue moving beyond organizations to networks.
  • Move from a closed-system approach to an open system approach.

*Source: AEA's TIG Leadership Survey

Communities of Practice
The TIG leadership is interested in the development of communities of practice for Prek-12 Educational Evaluators.  Click here to download to a copy of our think-tank presentation on communities of practice from Evaluation 2011 in Anaheim.  

Upcoming Events and Deadlines Date     Contact/Link

Eval 2024 

Amplifying and Empowering Voices in Evaluation

DEADLINE: March 22, 2024

Conference Dates: October 21 - 26, 2024
Portland, OR


Note if you have events, conferences, workshops, a call for papers, or other items that would be of interest to the TIG, please contact the webmaster:  Mya Martin-Glenn: mlmartin-glenn@aurorak12.org