Join TIG Leadership!!

A brief description of the leadership roles that are up for election each year are as follows:

Incoming Co-Chair: 
The TIG Chairs are responsible for 

The TIG Co-chairs are responsible for convening the TIG business meeting at the annual conference. This meeting will be scheduled by the AEA office in consultation with the TIG Program Chair as part of the conference program. The TIG Co-Chairs are also responsible for overseeing the planning and development of any TIG activities outside of the annual meeting.

Incoming Program Co-Chair:
The TIG Program Chairs are responsible for:

The office of TIG Program Chair can be shared. However, each TIG shall designate one and only one TIG member as the lead Program Chair for the AEA annual meeting.  The lead TIG Program Chair will coordinate the planning, development and implementation of the TIG’s program at the annual meeting and will receive the materials from the AEA office for redistribution to reviewers as needed. 

The Member-at-Large is responsible for

Attend TIG meetings regularly; assist with planning and promotion of TIG initiatives.

The Secretary is responsible for:

The TIG secretary will prepare minutes of the annual TIG meeting and serve as the editor of the TIG newsletter, which will be distributed to the membership at least once a year.  Electronic dissemination will be used as appropriate, principally posting on the TIG website.  Copies of the newsletter will also be available at the annual meeting.  The Co-Chairs may assign additional related duties.

Communications Chair:
The Communications Chair is responsible for:

Attend TIG meetings regularly; Manage and maintain TIG website; facilitate social media engagement; support with the TIG newsletters.