TIG Membership Information

Become a Member

Membership Made Simple!

Step 1: You need to be an AEA member

Step 2: Sign in to AEA and update your member profile to include "MIE TIG" as your affiliation

Step 3: Be proactive and get involved!

Note: Feel free to contact any member of leadership with questions and/or for additional information

Getting into the AEA "On-line Community":

From AEA Home page go to the "Resources" tab and select "Library". This will take you to AEA's online "Community". From there you can:
1.  Access, download, and share documents via the AEA "eLibrary".
  • The "eLibrary" is broken down in various formats: main library, all libraries, etc...
  • You can select to view different types of material (i.e. documents, ppt) and search recent or popular documents.
  • You can also post documents to the libraries. All active TIGs have their own library to store material, such as important publications, slides from presentations, etc... 
2.  Review, contribute, and learn from your colleagues in discussions via eGroups.
  • Similar to Listservs. This will act our main source of communication from the TIG.
  • To activate the MIE "eGroup", select on the "eGroup" link and go to my Subscriptions
  • In the my subscriptions page you can select the groups that have messaging systems posted.
  • At this point you can also send messages, search past postings, and change how your signature appears on postings.

3.  Update your community profile.
  • Change your picture and bio information
  • Change your preferences, such as allowing other members to contact you and what information is given to them for contact.