MIE Mentoring Program

MIE Mentoring Program

We are currently looking for 1 or 2 individuals to serve on our mentorship committee to help further coordinate the Multiethnic Issues in Evaluation (MIE) Mentoring Program. 

The goals of the MIE Mentoring Program are to:

  1. Welcome new MIE TIG members,
  2. Provide a safe, supportive network for new MIE members during their first initial years in the TIG, and;
  3. Facilitate networking and connections between experienced program evaluators and new evaluators in the TIG.

In an effort to achieve these goals and be respectful of the amount of responsibilities you have, as a member of the committee we are hoping you could help with:

  • Attending a bi-monthly 1-hr phone meeting
  • Assisting with coordinating the mentorship luncheon at the next AEA conference
  • Determining mentor and mentee responsibilities
  • Recruiting and assigning  mentors and mentees

If you are interested, please respond to this email directly. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact myself, Gabriela, at gjuare3@illinois.edu, or Wanda at wandadcasillas@gmail.com.