Resources on International Monitoring and Evaluation

  Mixed Methods: A Temporary Fad or a Reasonable Evaluation Resource?

Presenter: Michele Tarsilla, Evaluation Advisor and Capacity Development Specialist

May 2, 2013

Coffee Break Webinar series on International Monitoring and Evaluation

Cosponsored by AEA, ICCE, USAID, Catholic Relief Services, and American Red Cross/Red Crescent

    Evaluation Jitters Part Two: Managing an Evaluation

Presenter: Alice Willard

July 26, 2012
    SMILER: Simple Measurement of Indicators & Learning for Evidence-based Reporting

Presenters: Guy Sharrock and Susan Hahn

July 19, 2012
    Evaluation Jitters Part One: Planning for an Evaluation

Presenter: Alice Willard

July 12, 2012

Monitoring & Evaluation Planning for Projects/Programs

Presenter: Scott Chaplowe

July 5, 2012