Welcome to the International and Cross Cultural Evaluation (ICCE) TIG Homepage! 

The ICCE Website space presents content related to standard and updates information on the TIG's business. The ICCE TIG has more than 950 members, making it one of the largest at AEA. Our members are distributed across the globe, which makes our website a very important means of communication for us.

Join Us for AEA 2016

The AEA Annual Conference will be held in Atlanta October 24-29, 2016. This year's conference theme is “Evaluation + Design”. More information on the conference can be found on the Conference Website

Finding our members: With about a month to go to the AEA conference, we are sure that you have booked your flights and hotels and are all set for your visit to beautiful Atlanta, Georgia. During the conference more than 130 ICCE TIG members will be presenting in more than 85 sessions. For more details on the sessions sponsored by our TIG, please go to the AEA conference program website  and select “International and Cross-Cultural Evaluation” under the Track search criteria.

Business Meeting: This year, our business meeting will take place on Thursday (October 27) from 6:20-7:10pm, room L508. We promise it will be a fun event with terrific networking opportunities. We will have a chance to celebrate our International Travel Awardees, discuss what the TIG has achieved this past year and you will be given an opportunity to contribute some ideas to make our next year's TIG agenda. Light refreshments will be served.

Send us your pictures!  Our business meeting is a time to celebrate our work in international and cross-cultural settings. Therefore, if you have any pictures from your evaluation assignments/missions carried out this past year, please e-mail them to one of our TIG Officers (Hanife Cakici) at hanife.cakici@gmail.com by October 14, 2016. We will create a slideshow to project during the Business Meeting and all of your colleagues attending the event will be able to learn more about your work!

International Buddy Program: The ICCE TIG is glad to once again sponsor the International Buddy Program. The goal of this initiative is to connect evaluators from across the world. More information about this program is here.

International Travel Award Winners! Do you know where the proceeds from the annual AEA conference silent auction go? Proceeds are used to provide funding to evaluators from developing countries to attend the conference! The application process is rigorous with each applicant peer reviewed by three reviewers. This year, we had 40 applicants. We are pleased to be able to provide funding for five international evaluators! 

  • Esteban Tanella (Argentina)
  • Jamal Muktar Garat (Kenya)
  • Modupe Osokoya (Nigeria)
  • Ram Chandra Khanal (Nepal)
  • Youssra Bakhir (Morocco)

Each winner will receive funding to offset the cost of the conference. Winners also receive free conference registration as well as free unlimited access to all of the pre-conference workshops. Our winners will be joining us at the silent auction (more on this below) and our business meeting. The ICCE TIG would like to congratulate our 2016 international travel award winners!

Volunteer for the Silent Auction: On Friday night (October 28)AEA is once again hosting the famous silent auction.  This is a great opportunity to network and socialize and bid on great books, novelties, and foods from around the world.  For many years, this event has been managed by Hubert Paulmer.  Hubert puts in a tremendous effort every year to make this event a success and he could use your help! Hubert is looking for volunteers for the following time slots (to help set up).  Please send Hubert an email if you are interested: hubertpaulmer@gmail.com

  • 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm 
  • 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm 
  • 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Nominate a new ICCE TIG Co-Chair

The ICCE TIG has three co-chairs, each serving for a 3-year term. Each year one of the chairs completes his/her 3-year term and a new co-chair is selected. We are looking for a new ICCE-TIG co-chair to replace the outgoing chair (Jonathan Jones). Please nominate yourself or a colleague as an ICCE-TIG co-chair. It’s a fun way to give back to the AEA, and expand your networks! If you would like to join our team, please demonstrate your interest by providing responses to the statements below to Jonathan Jones: jonathanjonesjdj@gmail.comResponses are due by October 14, 2016.

  • Why you are interested in being a co-chair for the ICCE TIG (1/2 page maximum)
  • Your past experience in a similar role (professionally, or in your community) (1/2 page maximum)
  • Your recent evaluation experience (1/2 page maximum)


AEA 365 – ICCE week in 2017

Do you follow the great and informative AEA 365 blog? Early in 2017, Our TIG is planning to sponsor a week of contributions to the blog.  Do you have hot tips, cool tricks, rad resources or lessons learned to share related to international or cross cultural evaluation?  Is so, please review the submission guidelines, and send an email to Veronica Olazabal (volazabal@gmail.com) with your interest and proposed topic. 


Connecting our Membership

We recognize that our amazing and diverse group of international members represent a unique networking opportunity. Therefore our goal going forward is to update the membership at least every quarter with information that is relevant to our TIG.  With this in mind, please email Hanife Cakici (ICCE Program Chair: hanife.cakici@gmail.com) with information/topics of interest to our membership for inclusion in our next ICCE TIG update letter. Relevant information could include:

  • Articles, blogs, studies related to international and cross cultural evaluation
  • Job opportunities
  • Scholarship/award opportunities
  • Networking requests (e.g if an evaluator is traveling internationally and wants to connect with other in that country, or if someone has a need to hire an evaluation expert in a certain country)

To kick off an era of improved collaboration among our membership, we want to highlight a recent blog from Michael Johnston.  This blog encourages us to look up from our data and challenge the evidence we often rely on to define and analyze corruption.

It has been a pleasure serving the ICCE TIG these past three years.  I wish the ICCE TIG continued success in the years to come.


Jonathan Jones


Join Us for AEA 2016


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