Welcome to the International and Cross Cultural Evaluation (ICCE) TIG Homepage! 

The ICCE Website space presents content related to standard and updates information on the TIG's business. The ICCE TIG is one of the largest at AEA. Our members are distributed across the globe, which makes our website a very important means of communication for us.


Join Us for Eval21

The AEA Annual Conference will be held virtually on November 8-12, 2021. The 2021 conference theme is “AEA at 35: Meeting the Moment”. More information on the conference will be available on the Conference Website and the FAQs.

Business Meeting: This year ICCE's business meeting will be virtual, similar to last year. Similar to last year, we had an interactive meeting to discuss items that concern the future of the TIG and the organization. 

International Travel Award Winners: Thanks to the proceeds from the Silent Auction and generous contribution by The Rockefeller Foundation, ICEE in collaboration with AEA has granted 17 travel awards (out of 70 applicants) to first-time international participants representing several regions of the world.  

International Buddy Program: This is an excellent program that connects US-based evaluators with international evaluators to share experiences and ensure that our international participants feel welcomed at the conference. Please visit the conference website if you are interested in participating in the program

Volunteer for the Silent Auction: This is a great opportunity to network and socialize and bid on great books, novelties, and foods from around the world.

ICCE posts at AEA365

ICCE has had the opportunity to contribute blogs to AEA365. Take a look here to see previous weeks. If you are interested in contributing, please email the Chair.

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