Silent Auction

One of the traditional highlights of every AEA conference is the Friday night's Silent Auction. Coordinated by AEA's International and Cross-Cultural Evaluation Topical Interest Group (ICCE TIG), the proceeds benefit AEA's International Travel Awards and are used to offset travel expenses for presenters who reside in developing countries or countries in transition and to encourage their participation in AEA’s conference. It is always a sight to behold - a one of a kind "ONE-STOP SHOP".  

About 350 items are donated to the Silent Auction, from over 45 countries around the world and from all over the United States. One hundred percent of the money raised is spent on travel grants to support international evaluators coming for the first time to present at the AEA conference. The AEA matches the money raised in the Silent Auction, and this has helped us to bring international evaluators to the AEA conference.

The items for the Silent Auction are donated by the conference participants, evaluation experts and organizations. Jewelry, artwork and handicrafts, books, electronics, photographs, local foods and beverages, chocolates, traditional clothing from a country, hats and scarves are typically popular auction items. This year we are expecting international participants from more than 50 countries. So you can imagine the variety of goodies to bid for at the Silent Auction. So you can imagine the range and variety.

Furthermore, key attractions that you should look for at the Silent Auction include:

  • Expert Corner– you can bid for one-hour of your favorite "Evaluation Guru's" time (starting from USD 50). Previous inclusions have been  – Michael Quinn Patton, Michael Scriven, Donna Mertens, David Fetterman, Michael Bamberger, and Stewart Donaldson. You can bid for yourself to have a one-on-one chat with your Evaluation Guru, or bid on behalf of your organization to enable your colleagues also to participate in a discussion with the Evaluation Royalty.

  • Training Corner– you can bid for registrations to training programs or on half of your organization that you work for. It is a great opportunity for Professional development (PD) for you or to gift to employees. Claremont Evaluation Centre and The Evaluation Insitute have donated previously. This is one of the most popular items at the Silent Auction – don’t miss it!!

  • Books- signed by the authors.

  • Future Evaluation Conference Registrations around the world –Register ahead.

AEA's Silent Auction also gives you a great opportunity to socialize and network, in addition to munching yummy finger food (free) that goes around the room. So come prepared to donate / bid, socialize and have fun at the Silent Auction in Washington DC, so that you and your colleagues at work can benefit, while helping to bring more promising international evaluator colleagues to the AEA Conference.

Do not miss out. You will enjoy it - and it's for a great cause. Take home great memories. See you at AEA's Silent Auction. 

If you would like to donate something, please feel free to bring it along and drop it at the AEA conference registration desk. If you have any queries, please email the Co-Chair: Conference Program.

Volunteer Opportunity at the Silent Auction

The event is made possible with great efforts from the volunteers. If you would like to help the ICCE-TIG in setting up the event and also enjoy the preview of all items before anyone else can see, please email Co-Chair: Conference Program.

Note: The silent auction will not take place in 2021 due to the Eval21 conference being virtual.