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Mission Statement

The mission of the Human Services Evaluation (HSE) TIG of the American Evaluation Association is to improve the
practice of evaluation within the human services field. TIG members seek to improve human services theory, practice,
and capacity building through the development and application of state-of-the-art evaluation techniques.


Scope:  The TIG focuses on the evaluation of the full range of human services programs and settings for individuals
families, and communities. Such programs and settings include, but are not limited to, those involving child welfare,
counseling, employment development, family development, physical and mental health, parent and family education,
and school-based services.  


Activities:  Typical activities of the HSE TIG include a dynamic presence at the annual AEA conference with vibrant
conference sessions and a substantive business meeting.  We also actively collaborate with other TIGs on issues relevant
to human services evaluation. Given that many HSE TIG members are the sole evaluators within their organizations, this
TIG emphasizes opportunities for networking and relationship building.  Foremost among these opportunities are the
annual HSE TIG dinner at the AEA conference and an e-mail discussion list. All of these activities are designed to assist
our members in strengthening their own evaluation practice. You may have to join the group before posting.

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Human Services Evaluation News

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