HSE TIG Leadership

TIG Officers

The Human Services TIG is committed to improving human services theory, practice, and capacity building through the development and application of state-of-the-art evaluation techniques.

Our leaders for the 2014 year are:

Rajima Danish
Lead TIG Co-Chairperson 
Tel: 805-289-1675
Email: rajima.danish@gmail.com

Kate LaVelle
TIG Co-Chairperson 
Tel: 626-395-7100
Email: katelavelle@hathaway-sycamores.org

Pearl Barnett
Lead TIG Program Chairperson 
Tel: 405-205-0993
Email: Pearl.Barnett@gmail.com

Elisa Avila
TIG Program Chairperson/TIG Webmaster
Tel: 315-253-5383 x1206
Email: elisa.avila@cayugacenters.org

TIG Leadership Bios

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