TIG Resources

If you would like to provide creative or technical input to improve the Social Work TIG Facebook page, website, or newsletter, please contact the SW TIG webmaster, Shardae Osuna (shardae@umich.edu). 

We have a Facebook page. This serves us not only as a recruiting tool, but also allows us the space for social work specific discussion in a flexible and user-friendly format. We look forward to seeing you all there!

If you aren't already on the list-serve for EvalTalk, please check out this wonderful resource! You can set up a weekly digest or receive daily mail from the AEA's wonderful discussion list. Benefit from the expertise of the vibrant and diverse AEA membership, and explore the EvalTalk archives for answers to a wide range of questions or hot topic issues. Find out more by clicking HERE.

Please visit the continually expanding AEA e-library. AEA members may upload documents to the library, and tag any document to improve the search capabilities. Please tag items of interest that you may find for our TIG! A search of the library using those tags will turn up all items which have been tagged for the SW TIG!

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