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AEA2014 Session 1075- Case Studies of Evaluators' Lives

Short presentations by Gene Glass, Jody Fitzpatrick, Rodney Hopson, Jane Davidson, Hallie Preskill, Paul Brandon and Stewart Donaldson about their professional and extra-professional evaluation lives. Introduction by David Williams and commentary by Marv Alkin. Audience and panel discussion as...


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Eval14: A Framework for the Evaluation and Impact Measurement of Complex Projects

Using Case Study Methodology Embedded in a Systems-based Framework to Understand Individual Successes within a Complex Project: This PowerPoint outlines the use of Case Studies within the Systems-Highlights-Patterns (SHP) Process, a framework designed by EMEC for the evaluation of complex...


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Handouts for AEA2013 session 928- Themes from Case Studies of Evaluators’ Lives

Williams, D. D. (2013). Themes from Case Studies of Evaluators’ Lives. Symposium organized by David Williams and presented with Marv Alkin, Eleanor Chelimsky, Michael Patton, Robert Stake, Ernest House, Michael Scriven, and Daniel Stufflebeam at the annual American Evaluation Association...

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Implicaitons of Different Forms of Explanation for the Theory and Application of Logic Models

AEA 2013 poster presentation. For full paper, contact #QuantitativeMethods-TheoryandDesign #2013Conference #TheoriesofEvaluation #ProgramTheoryandTheoryDrivenEvaluation

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Outcome Mapping, World Bank Institute's Experience

The World Bank Institute (WBI) is conducting ongoing pilots customizing outcome mapping tools with capacity development project teams. In winter 2012, several teams harvested outcomes to provide information for knowledge management. Attached are some of the case studies from the pilot, which...

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