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Handouts from our seven table leaders for the ninth edition of our Speed-Geeking session: How to Use Sub-Contractors and How to be a Useful Subcontractor: Jennifer Dewey Branding for the Independent Consultant: Stephanie Evergreen Cash Flow Planning: Tamara Hamai Networking Strategies...

2016 Meet the Pro's full combined.pdf

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Eval 2016 Presentation: Independent Consultants' Interests and Concerns

This is one of three presentations given at Eval 2016 based on data from the Topical Interest Group 2015 Decennial Survey. The presentation gives a glimpse of independent consultants' interests and concerns about business growth and start up. It also includes suggestions provided by survey...

IC TIG Survey_Interests & Concerns_NM_102816.ppsx

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Evaluation 2015 Session #1179 Caught in the Middle: The Challenge of Maintaining Effective Evaluator-Client Relationships with Both Programs and Funders

Resources for evaluation are increasingly tied to external funding so more and more external evaluators find themselves working both with programs and their funders where there may be some expectation that the evaluator will serve both as clients. In some situations, evaluators work with...

AEA2015 Caught in the Middle FInal With Notes.pdf

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What is a System Story? How Do I Create One? How Do I Use One?

Evaluators often work in complex situations that are hard to describe. Traditional logic models have been the primary tools for wrapping our heads around program theory and context. However, in complex situations, these logic models quickly become so overcrowded with boxes and arrows that it is...

System Story AEA presentation.pptx

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Data Collection from Afar Think Tank Notes

Remote work: What are best practices and great ideas to manage quality data collection from afar? Think Tank Session led by the Improve Group at AEA 2014 #EvaluationManagersandSupervisors #Cluster,Multi-SiteandMulti-LevelEval #Collaborative,ParticipatoryandEmpowermentEval #2014Conference...

data collection from afar group notes.docx