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Training and Integrating Women into New Economic Sectors: A Study of Renewable Energy Technology in Bangladesh

Women, particularly in developing countries, are often poorly integrated into the technology sector. Training may be an effective means for increasing prospects for employment. Can technical training targeted to women be successful without addressing gender-based supply chain segmentation and...

AEA Final-Grameen Shakti Study 2014 10 17.ppt

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EvalPartners International Forum on Civil Society's Evaluation Capacities

The EvalPartners International Forum on Civil Society’s Evaluation Capacities, co-sponsored by the International Organisation for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE) and the United Nation’s Children Fund (UNICEF), was held December 3-6, 2012 in Chiang Mai, Thailand with the intention of enhancing...

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Eval11 Session 144: Gender Empowerment in Basic Development Needs (BDN) Initiative

Poster background information from AEA Evaluation 2011: WHO /EMRO initiated Basic Development Needs (BDN) in diverse countries of the region following objectives: - Organising the community and building its capacity - Promoting self-management and self-reliance - Building relationships with...

empowerment BDN 2.doc

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Eval11 Session 497: Values and Valuing in Equity-Focused Development Programming and Evaluation

Equity-focused evaluation (EFE) responds to the growing concern to assess the extent to which development interventions reach and benefit the most vulnerable sectors of the (target) population. This powerpoint presentation discusses some of the special political, professional and social...


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Eval10 Session 696: The Role of Black Feminist Theory in Feminist Evaluation

Presenter(s): Sarita Davis, Georgia State University, Abstract: The Sojourner Project applies an interpretive framework to explore the degree to which the intersecting lens of gender, race, and class affects the HIV risk and use of mood altering substances among 50 African...