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Eval12 Session 176: Using Evaluation to Build a Future for Extension (Lamm,Craig)

It is a large task, and one that is not accomplished without thought, prior planning, buy-in, and support from decision makers. One of extension administrators’ largest tasks, as they strive to create extension systems able to tackle the world’s most pressing problems, is developing, creating, updating, and implementing statewide strategic plans. The strategic planning process requires clearly defined objectives, identified measureable outcomes, and teams ready to fulfill the determined plan. State extension systems have attacked strategic planning in a myriad of ways, but research showing how evaluators can assist in the development and implementation process is lacking. The three papers in this multi-paper session examine a state’s strategic planning process from multiple angles exhibiting how evaluators can be used to assist in building a future for Extension


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Eval10 Session 655: A Theory Driven Multi-year Strategic Evaluation Plan for a Multi-program Government Agency

This presentation describes the development and the tools used to create a multi-year strategic evaluation plan for a multi-program Federal Agency. Using the theory based Impact Evaluation Framework for Technology Deployment developed by Reed, Jordan and Vine (2007), a comprehensive and integrated multi-year plan tuned to agency priorities was developed. The plan simplifies the complex


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Evaluation and Strategy Learning Circles

These slides are from the "how to" presentation, "Inviting Clients into Our Tent: How to Prepare and Lead a Strategic Learning Debrief." They are from the presentation on Evaluation Learning Circles by Cohen Research & Evaluation, LLC, and the Comprehensive Health Education Foundation. ...

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Focus Search - Quarterly Evaluation and Strategy Learning Circles are included in both the contractual agreement and evaluation plan