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Eval12 Session 738: Expanding the Evidence on Dissemination of Evidence-Based Interventions: A Strategy Evaluation

From abstract: To identify effective strategies states used to disseminate evidence-based interventions and to inform CDC Arthritis Program strategy, Westat conducted a cross-site evaluation of 21 state health departments. The evaluation identified processes states used to disseminate...

ACEP AEA presentation 27 Oct 2012_FINAL.pptx

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The Predictive Power of Self-Evaluation in Assessing Educational and Academic Outcomes

The results of research on the power of self-evaluations of competencies to predict subsequent actual and perceived academic outcomes, especially job progression, are reported. Background: Academic accrediting organizations are now requiring educational institutions to report student competency...

Final Predictive Power - AEA 2013 Poster.pptx