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The Predictive Power of Self-Evaluation in Assessing Educational and Academic Outcomes 

09-25-2013 14:57

The results of research on the power of self-evaluations of competencies to predict subsequent actual and perceived academic outcomes, especially job progression, are reported. Background: Academic accrediting organizations are now requiring educational institutions to report student competency and alumni job outcomes. Self-evaluations are a tool increasingly being utilized to meet this requirement. The evaluation problem: Do self-evaluations predict well subsequent outcomes, including alumni job progression? Data and Methods: Survey evidence about job progression was gathered from 150 former students enrolled in a single graduate program and matched to their archived self-assessments. Analysis: Linear and non-linear predictive, statistical models with numerous controls for potentially extraneous variables were utilized in data analysis. Findings: The findings establish the predictive power of self-evaluations.

#jobprogression #Selfevaluation

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