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Performance Evaluation as a Distinct Hybrid Form of Research Methods

Performance evaluation should be viewed as an applied hybrid method distinct from program evaluation (defined by Peter Rossi) which combines methods from four different institutions each speaking a different policy language (Policy, Management, Programs and Accountability) as well as mixed...

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Do your results really say what you think they say? Issues of reliability and validity in evaluation measuring instruments

This paper presents an overview of the concepts of validity and reliability, known as psychometric properties, as related to evaluation measuring instruments, such as satisfaction surveys and attitudinal scales. Program evaluation standards related to data collection and analysis, which provide...

AEA 2013 - Measurement in Evaluation - Schumacher JCCI.pptx

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Eval10 Session 286: Estimating Rater Consistency

Statistical methods for examining rater consistency include percent agreement and interrater reliability estimates (e.g., percent agreement, Pearson correlation, Spearman correlation, generalizability coefficient). These documents describe common methods for estimating rater consistency,...

Estimating Rater Consistency Presentations.pdf