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Session 2090: Real Time Evaluation: Tips, Tools, and Tricks of the Trade

How can an evaluator meaningfully convey findings to stakeholders based on data collected that same day? How can real time evaluation really be done in real time? This Ignite talk is based on Innovation Network’s experiences with facilitating real time evaluation in health policy settings, and will introduce AEA participants to three tools that can be used as part of any evaluator’s real time evaluation toolbox: surveys, H-forms, and timelines. Yuqi Wang from Innovation Network will provide an overview of each tool; show how these tools can aid data collection, analysis, and communication of findings in real time; and lessons learned from Innovation Network’s experiences with these three tools during the evaluation process

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Conference PDW #11: RealWorld Evaluation - Practical Tips for Doing Evaluations in Spite of Budget, Time, Data and Political Constraints

Have you had the experience of being asked to perform an evaluation of a project that was almost finished, there was no baseline, and there can’t be a comparison group, yet your clients expected “rigorous impact evaluation”?


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