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Grappling With the Unexpected From Firefighting to Systematic Action - Slides from SI10

Session Description: All evaluators deal with unintended events that foul their evaluation plans. Either the program does not work as planned, or the evaluation does not work as planned, or both. Usually we treat these situations as fires, i.e. we exercise our skills to meet the crisis. This...

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The Pillars of Public Program Evaluation

This is the lead article in "Evaluation South Asia," the first professional evaluaiton journal for all countries in South Asia, published in 2008. The article lays out a general struction for developing evaluation as a viable professional field and funciton for the betterment of national...

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Conference PDW #4: Logic Models for Program Evaluation and Planning

Many programs fail to start with a clear description of the program and its intended outcomes, undermining both program planning and evaluation efforts. The logic model, as a map of what a program is and intends to do, is a useful tool for clarifying objectives, improving the relationship...

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Focus Search - Prospective Use: Add activities to assure inputs; implement only where inputs in place; forge ahead to sure failure 3