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Best Practices + Adaptive Evaluation = Improved Grantmaking

How do foundations create meaningful and realistic evaluations that capture progress toward strategic goals? How does an evaluation design process incorporate best practices in the field and foundation strengths? How can an evaluation limit the burden on grantees? How does an evaluation...

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AEA 2013, Session 952, Evaluating Teacher Instructional Practices That Help Students Succeed

Presentation at AEA 2013, "Can Doing Something Easy Help Students Learn Something Hard?" and report and article by Rachel Hickson and Shahpar Modarresi on study of teacher instructional practices that help students succeed. #Mathematics #instructional-practices #Prek...

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Eval11 Session 483: Integrating feedback from distinctive perspectives for an evaluation of a statewide child care provider training on nutrition and physical activity regulations in Delaware

The purpose of this presentation was to disseminate evaluation findings from a multi-methods evaluation of increasing child care providers' knowledge around newly adopted nutrition and physical activity regulations for all licensed child care facilities in Delaware. Data come from focus groups...

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