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Practice to Research: Shifting the Paradigm to Partner with Local Universities and Research Institutions

Eval 2016 Session: Human Service personnel are often focused on the necessity of attending to funder and regulatory requirements and the immediate need of serving their clients. These daily rigors allow little time for reflection or staying cognizant of the relevant academic literature and...

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Collaborative Designs to Assess Holistic Support for Families

The poster was shared at the 2016 AEA Conference which focused on the integration of evaluation and design. Abstract: Traditional parenting education workshop program models focus on parents and rely heavily on survey designs. In recent years, evaluators have validated strengths-based models,...

Collaborative Designs to Assess Holistic Support for Families-AEA 2016 Poster.pdf

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Eval12 Session 634: Our Seven-Year Journey to Create and Maintain a Culture of Learning and Evaluation in a Multi-service Non-profit Organization

Shifting an organizational culture so that nonprofit staff actually uses evaluation results can be extremely challenging. The Latin American Youth Center (LAYC), a multi-service nonprofit in Washington, D.C., is an example of a nonprofit that has been working to achieve this culture change. ...

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Eval13: Poster 134 - All Together Now: How Challenges Became Opportunities While Implementing and Evaluating an Accountability System in an Education Nonprofit Network

During the previous 6 years, Communities In Schools (CIS), an education nonprofit with nearly 200 affiliates across the United States, created a Total Quality System (TQS) of standards to achieve uniform quality in business practice and program implementation across the CIS network. To ensure...

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The Importance of Diversity of Program Evaluators and Broadening of the Evaluation Team

Presentation at AEA 2013 Washington DC Panel Session 895. Sponsored by the LGBT TIG, presentations and discussion from Anita Baker, Evaluation Services. Jamie Bassell, Evaluation Services. Susan Moesker, The Center for Anti-Violence Education #nonprofit #LGBT #multiyear #antiviolence

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AEA 2013: The Spaces we Occupy: Complicating Indigenous Approaches to Evaluation

Abstract: This session will complicate our understandings about indigenous approaches to evaluation. During this session we will explore four spaces that American Indians occupy in the United States, will discuss implications for evaluation in each space, and I will provide a deeper...

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Eval12 Session 112: Evaluating a Moving Target - Early Lessons Learned From the Community Alliance Against Violence (CAAV) Project

Slides from each of three presenters: Tracy Hobson: CAAV description; Role of evaluation in program and fund development; Evaluation partnership Anita Baker: Evaluation design, evaluation partnership Jamie Bassell: First year findings, features and challenges; how CAAV has...

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Session 611; A Qualitative Evaluation Component of a Healthcare-based, Multi-year Quality Improvement Initiative

In May 2007, Nemours Health and Prevention Services (NHPS) began a quality improvement initiative (QII) among a sample of primary care pediatric clinic sites (n=11) and school wellness centers (n=4) in Delaware. The purpose of this two year initiative was to determine if quality improvement...