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Climbing the Accountability Mountain: Four INGOs' experiences implementing participatory reflection processes

The panel took a comparative case study approach, presenting four distinct reflection and learning processes used by international INGOs (Oxfam America, ActionAid, ChildFund, and Mercy Corps). Through sharing of practical experiences and organizational assessments, the presenters explored the theoretical and practical dimensions of participatory reflection and learning processes in terms of methods, successes, and challenges

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Focus Search - * Page * OVERVIEW OF OXFAM’S AIR Overview of Oxfam’s AIR Process: Context at Oxfam: Mandated yearly process since 2011 Part of program cycle of long-term (10-15 year) programs in which Oxfam is a social actor, a co-strategist with partners, and beneficiaries are seen as the primary change agents because Oxfam takes a rights-based approach

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Eval11 Session 952: Valuing Diversity- How to Construct Consensus for M&E Policy with Multiple Stakeholders - Experiences with the Global Environment Facility (GEF)

The process of developing guidelines for results based tracking, quality assurance, compliance and inclusive engagement has led to a policy aiming to meet the needs of management, implementing agencies, evaluators and beneficiaries

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Focus Search - We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the process of drafting the Pol- icy, notably Carlo Carugi, Senior Evaluation Officer, who was the task manager of the consultative process; and Deborah Hines, former GEF Senior Results-Based Man- agement Specialist, and Dima Socair Reda, Senior Results Management Coordina- tor, who contributed to the process on behalf of the GEF Secretariat

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Determining the Added-Value of Partnerships

This presentation outlines a framework from which to assess value-added for partnership-related activities during the various stages of a partnership, from formation to management. Partnerships are explored from two angles: the project; and, the partnership, itself. Early and consistent...

DETERMINING THE ADDED-VALUE OF PARTNERSHIPS, Vivienne J Wildes AEA conference presentation.pptx

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Outcome Harvesting

A tool for identifying and understanding results in complex circumstances #Complexity #MonitoringandEvaluation #OutcomeHarvesting

AEA 2013 Outcome Harvesting PRINT.pptx

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Eval13 Session 325: Every Voice Counts: Including All Stakeholders in Internal Evaluation

Panel presented at the 2013 AEA Conference Chair and Discussant: Suzanne Markoe Hayes Presenters: Frances Reyes, Krystal Gibson, and Bree Hemingway #InternalEvaluation #database #realtiimemonitoring #MixedMethodsEvaluation #InternationalandCross-CulturalEval #Non...

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Focus Search -  This presentation reviews: ◦ Challenges that lead to implementation ◦ Implementation process ◦ Outcomes of implementation  Inspiring young women to be strong, smart, and bold!℠ ◦ 1 Program Director ◦ 1 Program Manager ◦ 10 Program Specialists  Challenges: ◦ Randomized control trial studying the effectiveness of curriculum.  Recruiting participants  Tracking participants  Managing data quality  Residential facility helping veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars obtain: ◦ Permanent housing ◦ Financial security ◦ Personal support system  Staff ◦ 1 Director ◦ 6 Case Managers ◦ 6 Monitors  Challenges ◦ Multiple funding sources/reporting requirements ◦ Cross over between programs clientele  Reporting improvements ◦ Report data at all levels in real time ◦ Access all data  Improve Data Quality ◦ Automated QA measures  Program Improvements ◦ Protect client privacy ◦ Streamline internal processes ◦ Save staff time ◦ Access to complete client records ◦ Comprehensive care for clients Buy In Dialogue Tools Training Feedback  Involve staff ◦ Directors ◦ Case Manager ◦ Monitor  Engage users early, but be strategic about timing  Understand what is wanted/expected at all staff levels  Clearly define expectation ◦ What is expected of them in the process? ◦ What the outcomes will be?

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Eval12 Session 960: Seek, Listen and Ye Shall Find - Monitoring Development Projects in a Messy World

Presentation Abstract: International development projects operate within a complex ecology; not only do projects have multiple stakeholders, accountabilities and bottom lines, often times they operate in environments that are physically and bureaucratically challenging. To be successful projects...

AEA 2012_final.pptx

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Eval12 Session 303: Monitoring and Evaluation Standards for Health Development Organizations - Jhpiego, JHU

These documents describe and present a tool to assess an organization's monitoring and evaluation standards. This was created for a decentralized health development organization (Jhpiego, an affiliate of Johns Hopkins University) working in 45 countries and a diverse monitoring and evaluation...

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Focus Search -  The Tool and a related process guide will assist country teams to identify gaps in M&E and develop action plans to strengthen program and country M&E

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Eval11 Session 218: Evolution of learning: Positioning evaluation within a comprehensive performance management system

In recent years the concept of performance management (PM) has become omnipresent in sectors as diverse as transportation, international aid, and education. Although both PM and evaluation share the core concepts of improving organizational learning and practice, in practice, systems of PM have...