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Eval 2015: What are You Looking At? Intentional Observational Strategies for Evaluation

Below are slides and notes for my 2015 AEA presentation (hover over the comment icon in the upper left corner of the slides to read the notes). It explores how to maximize observational moments in evaluation. Abstract: Evaluators often participate in program meetings, view program activities,...

Henderson 2015 AEA intentional observation.pdf

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Performance Evaluation as a Distinct Hybrid Form of Research Methods

Performance evaluation should be viewed as an applied hybrid method distinct from program evaluation (defined by Peter Rossi) which combines methods from four different institutions each speaking a different policy language (Policy, Management, Programs and Accountability) as well as mixed...

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Digital Pile Sorts: An Engaging Way to Assess Domain Understanding

This is the PowerPoint for a workshop at AEA 2013. Note that there are two Flash files that need to be in the same folder as the PP if you wish to see the demonstrations. There is also a very selective bibliography with some annotations. #evaluationmethods #2013Institute ...

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AEA Quantitative Methods Workshop

Slides for Katherine McKnight's Quantitative Methods Workshop, 2013 #2013Conference #QuantitativeMethods-TheoryandDesign #QuantitativeMethodsWorkshop

quant_workshop 2013.ppt

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Eval12 Session 814: Using Youth-Adult Meeting Observations to Assess Youth 21st Century Skills

This Ignite presentation presents a method for using transcripts from audio recordings of youth-adult meetings to assess pre-post changes in youth 21st Century or soft skill processes that represent critical thinking. Presentation Abstract: The need to develop youth 21st Century skills, or ...

Van Egeren AEA 2012 YDS Ignite.pptx