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Factors Influencing Changes to an Outcomes Measurement System over a Decade

Information for the Maryland Behavioral Health Administration’s (BHA) Outcomes Measurement System (OMS) is gathered from individuals who are receiving outpatient treatment services in the Public Behavioral Health System (PBHS). The data is collected over time across various life domains....

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Trends in Several Health and Socio-Economic Factors Related to Mental Health: Gender Differences

The systematic collection of outcomes data in the Maryland Public Behavioral Health System (PBHS) has generated a wealth of data over several years through its Outcome Measurement System (OMS). The data is collected from individuals receiving outpatient treatment services in the PBHS across...

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Evaluator Role on a Quality Improvement (QI) project in a Community Healthcare Setting

This presentation for Eval 2013 examines the evolving role of an internal evaluator leading a collaborative effort that applied rapid tests of change to improve client outcomes in a public mental health setting. The Recovery Model represents a paradigm shift in community mental health that...

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Evaluation Critique on the VHA's mental health care program

This is critique on the program evaluation for VHS's mental health care program. Discussion: This work was designed to assess whether VA program helps veteran restore themselves physically & mentally and improve their lives. This was seemingly suitable to the program since the goal of...

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Eval12 Session 298: Cost-inclusive evaluation in health and human services

Conducting cost-inclusive evaluations embodies an important, and sometimes additional, component to evaluations in the fields of health and human services. Often, this includes transforming previously non-monetized variables into dollar amounts. With healthcare costs continually increasing,...


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Eval11 Session 569: Through Their Eyes: An Evaluation of a School Based Mental Health Program

This evaluation employed a Responsive Evaluation (Stake, 2004) approach in order to determine the programs outcomes, as well as the perceived values of the stakeholder (i.e. students, parents, and staff) most intimately involved with a school based mental health (SBMH) program. The results of...

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Eval11 Session 471: Evaluating the Role of the Peer Specialist in the Massachusetts Mental Health System

A growing trend nationally in mental health systems is for individuals with mental illness and experience with mental health services to work as Peer Specialists. Training programs have been established to develop this new workforce. A recently completed evaluation assessed factors that both...

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