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2016 AEA New Approaches to the Design and Evaluation of Global Programs to End Modern Slavery: Establishing an Evidence Base and Understanding What Works

Three presentations to AEA 2016 Conference (Session ID: 2280) - New Approaches to the Design and Evaluation of Global Programs to End Modern Slavery: Establishing an Evidence Base and Understanding What Works #SocialImpact #Eval2016 #HumanRights #AEA2016Conference #FreetheSlaves ...

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The Never Ending Quest for Balance: Graduate Students’ Professional Development Experiences

In an era of rising accountability, retention rates of graduate programs have come under scrutiny and student affairs professionals are being asked to help graduate students at increasing rates. In particular, Graduate Higher Education has done little to assess and understand graduate students'...


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Roundtable Presentation-Responsive Indigenous Evaluation: A Cultural & Contextual Framework to Use in Indian Country

Participants will: 1) Learn about culturally responsive indigenous evaluation (CRIE) and the major theories, research, and policies informing it 2) Become aware of the multiple contexts of CRIE 3) Learn about CRIE skills and competencies 4) Discuss practical applications of CRIE using case...

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Eval13: Poster 134 - All Together Now: How Challenges Became Opportunities While Implementing and Evaluating an Accountability System in an Education Nonprofit Network

During the previous 6 years, Communities In Schools (CIS), an education nonprofit with nearly 200 affiliates across the United States, created a Total Quality System (TQS) of standards to achieve uniform quality in business practice and program implementation across the CIS network. To ensure...

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Eval12 Session 224: Evaluating College Access Programs in Engineering

"The Evolution of Responsive Education Program Evaluation at the National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center for Biorenewable Chemicals" 26th Annual Conference of the American Evaluation Association Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Session Abstract: The Iowa State University...

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Eval11 Session 138: Planning and Conducting an Evaluation of an Inquiry-based Science Kit Intervention in Four Public School Districts

This paper presents the challenges and lessons learned from an external evaluation of a regional program designed to improve science and literacy achievement for high-needs students in grades K–6. The program's goals were to strengthen teacher understanding of science and quality of instruction...

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Eval11 Session 420: “Rough Road” Evaluation: The Benefits and Consequences of Supporting the Primacy of Stakeholders

Beyond concerns of evaluating a professional development program in science, the presenters share the internal evaluation process that evolved in their practice where the primacy of stakeholders' interests was given foremost importance. The practice centered on day-to-day reflections and...

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Eval11 Session 301: Identifying Articulating and Incorporating Values in a Program Theory: Using Workshops, Interviews and Other Techniques

This session shows how workshops and interviews can be used alongside other techniques to develop a program theory that incorporates a range of value perspectives. It will discuss the circumstances under which particular types of workshops and interviews are most useful and will show how to...

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