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The Importance of Data Governance in Evaluation

A table of topics and definitions, with a list of some challenges, key questions and strategies to be completed by session attendees. #UberTIG #DataGovernance

Data governance handout AEA 2013.docx

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Eval12 Session 961: Using Social Return on Investment (SROI) in the Ukraine

Presentation Abstract: This is a presentation from AEA 2012 confrence on the social return on Investment for advocacy programs. The presentation and handouts that were distributed at the conference explain how Pact applied this methodology in the context of Ukraine. The report presents...

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Eval11 Session 805: Evaluation and the Single Narrative

A discussion of problems in evaluating government initiatives that posit oversimplified, politically driven, cause-and-effect relationships. #EvaluationPolicy #evaluationandgovernance #2011Conference