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Sustaining an Evaluator Community of Practice

become an evaluation community of of practice? 2) How can evaluation...communities of practice take advantage of

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Focus Search - evaluator community of practice

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@WashEval: Facilitating Evaluation Collaboration for More Than 30 Years

community of evaluation practitioners that...with an initial membership of 12 evaluators...membership base of more than 200 in the nation's...include a diverse mix of government, private

WE Presentation 9-24-2016.pptx

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Eval10 Session 852: In Search of Evaluator Competency Inventories

content analysis of articles/chapters for...conducted. The goal of the study is to and differ on their emphasized use of...specific evaluator competencies. The results of

In Search of Evaluator Competencies.pptx

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Eval11 Session 472: Evaluator Skill Acquisition - Linking Educational Experiences to Competencies

conference presents the results of a survey...knowledge, and the components of their training...impact on the development of a certain set of...contributions of elements of a training program to

Dillman, AEA, Evaluator Skill Acquisition.pdf