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CBD143: Report and Support Use of Findings – Simon Hearn

Video Available This webinar, part 7 in an 8-part series on the BetterEvaluation rainbow framework, focuses on tasks to report findings and to support use of them – including ways of developing reporting media, strategies to improve accessibility, develop recommendations, and assist individuals and organisations to understand and use findings

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Using Appreciative Inquiry to Evaluate and Promote Partnerships for TB Control and Prevention

Study sites were selected based on the reporting of ALA partnerships in programs’ progress reports. Control sites were matched based on similar epidemiological characteristics, but none reported ALA partnerships


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Evaluating Social Innovation

Evaluating Social Innovation, a new report developed by FSG and the Center for Evaluation Innovation, challenges grantmakers to explore how common evaluation approaches and practices constrain innovation, and examines a new approach to evaluating social innovation known as "developmental evaluation." Developmental evaluation can inform and support innovation and adaptation by asking evaluative questions, applying evaluation logic, and gathering and reporting data and findings in accessible and timely ways. The report suggests when to use developmental evaluation, describes conditions for successfully implementing this approach, and offers insights from funders and evaluators who have tested developmental evaluation

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