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Effective and Sustainable Practices for Government Evaluation Contracting

The vast majority of United States Federal government evaluations are conducted by contractors, but effective contracting is rarely examined. Our panel of government evaluators, contractors, and academics addressed questions related to evaluation contracting and how it can be done more effectively. 1. Name one legal and/or regulatory obstacle that can affect the quality of contracted evaluations

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Session 855 - Andy Rowe WURT and Surveys as Rapid Techniques

This paper discusses the reasons and implications for rapid evaluation techniques and how these change the social contracts and power in an evaluation, encourage collaboration and promote use

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A National Evaluation of Community Outreach and Training Efforts: The Application of a Web-Integrated Database

Building Evaluation Capacity With Technology: Using Web Analytics, Web Integrated Database, and Computer Aided Web Interviewing Scheduled at time: Thursday, Nov 12, 9:15 AM to 10:45 AM Session type: Multipaper Scheduled in room: Panzacola G-2 #IntegratingTechnologyintoEvaluation ...

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Eval14: What are the characteristics of criteria? Investigating the requirements for defensible evaluation (AEA 2014 Session 10016)

This handout relates to my presentation at AEA 2014. It includes a set of draft ‘criteria for developing criteria’, with particular reference to public sector evaluations. The criteria derive from analysis of a survey completed as the first stage of a broader research project aimed at...


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How Do You Keep What You Have Built: Sustaining Evaluation Capacity

Power point presentation from the Evaluation 2009 conference presentation by same name. This presentation was part of Panel 719 - Constructing a Home for Evaluation by Building Capacity One Step at a Time. #OrganizationalLearningandEvalCapacityBuilding #2009Conference #Evaluation2009

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External Consultants Roles in US Federal Government Evaluation Design and Capacity Building

Presented by Jennifer Hamilton, Senior Study Director, Westat and David Bernstein, Senior Study Director, Westat. Opinions are our own. The majority of US federal government evaluations are conducted by external evaluators. However, conducting evaluations is just one of the roles that external...

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Aye Aye Captain: Navigating Evaluation Data Collection as an External Evaluation Consultant

This presentation explored data collection issues faced by external evaluators (contractors) to meet evaluation design and data collection needs, including: • the challenge of meeting client needs that are not always fully conveyed in requests for proposal (RFP) or Question and Answer...

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Cost Analysis 101

This was presented at Evaluation 2009 in Orlando. The goal of the demonstration was to prove evaluators with an overview of the factors that must be considered when designing a cost-analysis. Cost analysis is much more complex than most evaluators recognize. This session was design to let...

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