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Session 855 - Andy Rowe WURT and Surveys as Rapid Techniques 

11-14-2009 21:02

Evaluators need techniques to quickly return information and useful insights to the program; particularly early in an evaluation where this can significantly increase the social capital of the evaluator in the eyes of those who can influence evaluation use. Two rapid techniques are discussed. WURT (While_U_R_There) is a technique developed to obtain baselines and updates linked to planning and implementing organizational development elements of a major governance and urban environmental services program in India. Web based surveys are used to evaluate conflict resolution training at EPA cutting to two weeks the total time required from design to reporting. Web surveys flourish; WURT founders. An unexpected challenge is precipitous modification of programs before the evaluators are fully comfortable with their own advice. This paper discusses the reasons and implications for rapid evaluation techniques and how these change the social contracts and power in an evaluation, encourage collaboration and promote use.

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