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Using Peer Feedback for Assessment Capacity-building

Noting several valuable uses for the system and its rubric-structured feedback, the authors go on to provide aggregate data they are using to guide more focused assessment capacity-building efforts

Using Peer Feedback for Assessment Capacity-building.pdf

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Exploring Effective Strategies for Facilitating Evauation Capacity Building

These handouts describe our evaluation capacity building model, the knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to ECB, as well as detailed descriptions of several capacity building approaches. #TeachingofEvaluation #2009Conference #evaluation #HowTo #capacity #Evaluation2009 #building #OrganizationalLearningandEvalCapacityBuilding

AEA 09 ECB Handouts - Final.doc

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Conference PDW #8: Building Evaluation Capacity of Community Organizations

Bring your own ‘best practices' to share as we work towards building the evaluation capacity of community practitioners and organizations. This year’s workshop also will include a section on organizational capacity building that goes beyond individual competencies and skills – strategies to build resources and support and the organizational environment for sustaining evaluation. You will learn: Activities to use in building essential evaluation knowledge and skills; Methods and techniques that facilitate evaluation learning; What to consider in choosing among options to better suit needs, requests and realities; Strategies, beyond teaching and training, for building organizational evaluation capacity. Ellen Taylor-Powell is widely recognized for her work in evaluation capacity building. Her 20 years in Extension have focused continuously on evaluation training and capacity building with concentration on individual, team, and organizational learning


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Flipchart Pages from Exploring Effective Strategies for Facilitating Evaluation Capacity Building

This document includes notes from the flipchart pages developed by attendees during this session and provides a rich list of criteria for successful use of six different strategies for building evaluation capacity. #capacity #OrganizationalLearningandEvalCapacityBuilding #HowTo #TeachingofEvaluation #evaluation #2009Conference #building #Evaluation2009

Flipchart Notes from Round Robin Activity 111209.doc