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Eval11 Session 952: Valuing Diversity- How to Construct Consensus for M&E Policy with Multiple Stakeholders - Experiences with the Global Environment Facility (GEF)

The Global Environment Facility (GEF), a partnership of international agencies has the mandate to finance improvements in the global environment. Agencies work in partnership and with local and international governments and organizations. Reforms at the GEF led its Council to request the...

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Eval11 Session 484: Evaluation Tools of Environmental and Welfare Effects in Tekes Funding

A goal of my paper is to determine meta evaluation results of Tekes funding, Finland. These results describe the socioeconomic effects that are defined in new Tekes strategy and focus areas implemented in 2011. In new Tekes strategy, I have selected two main goals to my paper. Those are i)...


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Concrete Experiences and Practical Exercises

Creating an “adult learning environment” requires discarding some of the paradigms about “the way education has to be.” There is a better way, in which adult learners can take an active role, and assume some of the responsibility for their own learning. #environment #learning #HowTo ...

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Capacity-Building at the Community Level

Evaluation capacity-building for communities participating in YMCA of the USA's Healthier Communities Initiatives. More information at america leadership.html #partnerships #healthy community #obesity #Evaluation2009 #policy ...